Beat The Mold Trend!

It might be the end of the year, but it is just the beginning of the holiday season!

It's the busiest season for hotels, however, first things first, cleanness of every inch in your hotel is a must and thatÔÇÖs when the hotel cleaning chemicals play role.?á?á

Probably you have heard about how hotels could have bad ratings or shutdown just because they have some health concerns such as smelly rooms

Yes, smelly rooms, a number 1 guests' concern and an issue that could only be solved by using hotel room cleaning chemicals

Hotel room care products provide guests with a causey neat room with a fresh beautiful scent. Leaving the guests with comfort the moment they arrive to a hotel. Once they sense a weird smell, you lose a star

The reason behind bad smell is the formation of mold

In fact, hotel room cleaning products in Dubai are being used to prevent such unique type of fungus.

But first what is mold??á

What is mold?

A mold is a fungus that grows in the form of multicellular filaments called hyphae which can be prevented by using any of hotel's cleaning chemicals

What causes mold?

- Fluctuating temperatures, which means room humidity Most hotels are fitted with hundreds of air conditioning units ÔÇô a mold sporeÔÇÖs potential playground.?á?á

- Hotels' wall papers. It might look nice, but it traps the condensation and stops the walls from breathing

- Another regular feature of a hotel, carpet ÔÇô and its padding underneath ÔÇô is highly susceptible to mold.

- Smoking inside the bedrooms

- The room left un-opened for a long time

- Unchanged bed covers

- Bathroom molds

Hotel room cleaning chemicals will your hotel a star?á

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