Shisha Disinfection

Smoking in general is very bad for health and can cause many disease.  


While Shisha in particular can cause cross infection between smoker as the same "Shisha" is used from one person to another. 


Shisha should be properly washed and disinfect after usage and before serving to the next smoker,

The following procedure should be followed:

1-    Through the water used in Shisha by the customer directly to the drain

2-    Wash the parts with all purpose cleaner

3-    Use special brush to scrub the inner parts of shisha

4-    Rinse with water

5-    Soak in a solution of C Plus 90 (hydrogen peroxide disinfectant)

6-    Wear protective gloves when you handle chemicals

7-    Dilute C Plus 90 by a dilution ratio of 1 to 50
(one liter concentrated chemicals to 50 liters of water)

8-    Allow contact time (soaking time) of 5 minutes

9-    Rinse shisha parts and it will be ready to use.

10-                  Use only disposable Shisha tubes.

11-                  Staff serving shisha should wear masks and gloves when serving customers.

12-                  The traditional habit that shisha staff smoke from the customers shisha is totally prohibited.


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