Floor Care - Steps for Marble Polishing

In-depth Cleaning using maintenance-free Cleaner

Marble has the tendency to absorb all the acidic and alkaline substances that forms a layer on the surface and eventually spoils it. The first step for marble polishing is a comprehensive cleaning of the marble surface with a pH Neutral Cleaner. During this step, all the excess acid and alkaline are removed and the pores of the marble are opened preparing it for more thorough and deeper cleaning.

Spot Polishing with Diamond Powder

After the deep cleaning, the marble surface is spot polished with the diamond abrasives in areas where the scratches and stains are still prevalent. Some scratches and stains are stubborn and are not removed in one go so they need to be given some extra attention. Our experts make sure your marble surface is spotless and gets its inner glow by the end of this step. The surface is once again cleaned using the pH neutral detergent to remove the acids from the polishing material.

Polishing with Diamond Abrasives

As marble itself is very hard; it needs to be cleaned with something even harder than itself to bring out its shine. We apply a mix of diamond powder with crystalline micro-abrasives on the surface and using a specialized marble polishing machine we buff the surface to bring out the stone’s radiant shine and remove all the starches and stains.

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