Bio-Tec ST12 Hand Soap

Liquid Anti Bacterial Hand Soap Biotec is ideal for food preparation and food serving staff .

An anti-bacterial hand washing personal care product .

- is used by dispensing in TCL hand soap dispensers which is specially designed for liquid products to save in quantities used and to avoid cross contamination while achieving the best disinfecting results after applying on hands .

- rinse the hands thoroughly with clear and - rinse the hands thoroughly with clear and treated water.

- is a especially formulated for hand washing purposes in hospitals and hotels use.

5 Liters

600 mL pouch

In case of ingestion: Do not induce vomiting, Drink milk then seek a medical advice immediately.

In case of contact with eyes: In case of contact with eyes : wash the eye with eye wash solution for at least 15 minutes visit a doctor immediately.

Keep out of reach of children

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