HK1- Hygiene Plus Concentrated Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Hygiene Plus Concentrated is environmental friendly product to remove rust, scales, and fungus from ceramic, toilet and nickel chrome

W.C. (closet,)urinals, squatting pans

- Use protective gloves to protect your hands.

- Dilute Hygiene Plus Concentrated.

- Pour Hygiene Plus ready to use to the rim of the toilet.

- Wait for 1 minute for the chemical reaction.

- Use a toilet brush to easily remove scales, rust and fungus from the surface of the toilet.

- Flush the toilet to rinse.

Hotels and hospitals bathrooms, specifically for W.C,squatting pans and urinals

20 liters

5 liters

1 liter

In case of ingestion: Do not induce vomiting, Drink milk then seek a medical advice immediately.

In case of contact with eyes: wash the eye with eye wash solution for at least 15 minutes visit a doctor immediately.

In case of contact with skin: rinse with water, wash with water and hand soap.

Keep out of reach of children.

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