HK 6 - MOP Plus Spring Liquid Floor Mopping

Mop Plus Spring Super Concentrated consist of environmental friendly ingredients that is safe to use on different kinds of floors like ceramic, marble, granite, concrete, vinyl floors.

- Do not add any other cleaning agent .

- Use clean cotton mops when using MOP PLUS or use TCL Disposable mops to avoid cross contamination.?á

-?á Allow sufficient time for the MOP PLUS to dry on the floor leaving the surface shining and smelling fresh.

different kinds of floors like Ceramic, Marble, Concrete and Vinyl floors

20 liters

5 liters

1 liter

In case of ingestion: Do not induce vomiting, Drink milk then seek a medical advice immediately .

In case of contact with eyes: wash the eye with eye wash solution for at least 15 minutes visit a doctor immediately .

In case of contact with skin: rinse with water, wash with water and hand soap .

Keep out of reach of children?á ?á ?á ?á ?á?á

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