Oxy Plus Dilution System

TCL install dilution system for automatic dilution of vegetables washing chemicals, TCL Dilution system ensure that the right and economical dosage are supplied and guarantee that the best sanitation result will be obtain.

Use through dilution system, use to sanitize fruits, vegetables, preparation tables and surfaces, and sanitize water tanks.  Rinse free.
Dilution: 1:100

Recommended for Food & Beverages industries, Animal and poultry farms, and Aquaculture farms, Drinking Water Plant, Air Conditioning & Cooling Towers,Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Industries.


1- In case of inhalation:     Move to fresh air.

2- In case of ingestion:    Do not induce vomiting, drink milk & seek a medical advice immediately.

3-In case of contact with eyes:  Apply copious amounts of water to the eye for at least 15 minutes, summon a doctor immediately

4- In case of contact with skin: Irritant to skin.

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