Quick Copper Cleaner

Copper and brass cleaner and polisher Use quick to clean and polish copper and brass. Apply Quick on the copper surface using cloth. Wipe til the cream color will turn to black. Use wet cloth to remove the black cream. Use a dry cloth to polish and dry the copper and to get the best shining result.

Apply the quick cream on the surface, wipe it until it turns to black cream and use a wet cloth to remove the black cream and wipe the copper again with a dry clean cloth.

on all the copper and brass surfaces.


1- In case of inhalation:   Not irritant.

2- In case of ingestion:  Vomiting preferred, drink milk & seek a medical advice immediately.

3-In case of contact with eyes:  Apply copious amounts of water to the eye for at least 15 minutes, holding the eye open.

4- In case of contact with skin: Not irritant to skin.

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