T7 Plus Stainless Steel Polisher

Stainless steel polish T7 Plus is a spray cleaner and polisher for all metal surfaces especially stainless steel. T7 Plus restores shine to metal surfaces. T7 Plus provides a protective film to metals and makes later cleaning easier.

Spray it on the stainless steel surfaces and wipe it with a dry clean cloth.

To be used on stainless steel surface.

5 litter

1- In case of inhalation:  Move to fresh air.

2- In case of ingestion:  Do not induce vomiting, drink milk & seek a medical advice immediately.

3-In case of contact with eyes: Apply copious amounts of water to the eye for at least 15 minutes, summon a doctor immediately.

4- In case of contact with skin: Wash off immediately with water.

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