T.D.X. - Sanitizer for Food Production Areas

TDX is a chlorine base sanitizer for food production areas, it is used to sanitize the white cutting board, eliminate bad smell from the dishwashing machine and destroy bad smell from the drain or garbage room

Put the T.D.X. in the pre washing tank to eliminate any bad smell from the dishes and glasses. Dilute the T.D.X at the appropriate ratio of 25gms to 20L of water with 100ppm; soak chopping boards overnight. Use for the deep cleaning and sanitation of pots and pans, cutleries (spoon, fork, knife, etc.).

Soak time: 30 seconds.

Also use for sanitation of floors and the drainage.

Dishwashing Machine pre washing tank, for dipping thewhite cutting boards

5 Kg Plastic Bucket.

20 Kg Plastic Bucket.

1- In case of inhalation:  Move to fresh air.

2- In case of ingestion:  Try to determine quantity swallowed, time of ingestion & note all symptoms, patient should be

examined by doctor. Gastric wash recommended.

3-In case of contact with eyes:Apply copious amounts of water to the eye for at least 15 minutes, summon a doctor immediately

4- In case of contact with skin: Wash skin immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes

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