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Galal Yassa

Mr. Galal Yassa

Founder of TCL (technical chemical laboratories)

Loay Abdel Rahman

Mr. Louay Abdel Rahman

Marketing & Export Manager at 

 TCL (technical chemical laboratories)

Galal Ghaly

Mr. Galal A. Ghaly

General Manager at

 TCL (technical chemical laboratories)

Ramy Ghaly

Mr. Ramy A. Ghaly

Factory Manager at

TCL (technical chemical laboratories)

Hoda Yassa

Mrs. Hoda G. Yassa

CEO of TCL (technical chemical laboratories)

Our Success Story 

TCL (technical chemical laboratories) is a family business that was established by my grand father -

Galal G. Yassa in its headquarter in Egypt in 1976.

Starting with our vision that hygiene can be available for industrial use with no effect on the environment,


TCL has grown as one of the major manufacturers for Hospitality use of Kitchen, Housekeeping, Laundry, Water Treatment products and Healthcare sectors in the Middle East

TCL is continuously expanding by developing new and innovative products for the market and by providing high-quality environmentally friendly products to the Hotels and Hospitals of different departments,  which is in line with TCL’s corporate objective to always meet our customer’s requirements.


TCL products ranges are the direct results of continuous interactions with our valuable clients.

Our after-sales service ranks high in our agenda as we have always maintained that the clients are the paramount to our success.


By maintaining a high premium after-sales services, we are likewise spreading awareness to the hotel professionals on the benefits of Hygiene and the well-sanitized working environment.


To further disseminate our concern for public hygiene and safety, we have established our presence in the Gulf by opening the TCL Dubai Regional Office in 2006,


taking advantage of the growing public awareness and expectation on sanitation and hygiene in the region. Since then, we have been associated with high-value clients who appreciate our efforts to provide the market with high-quality products that achieve the best results at a reasonable cost compared to other products.


With our ISO Certification, TCL aims to continue further endeavors in providing our clients with high-quality breakthrough products.


We will not stop from here, however; we will continue to develop more innovative and high-quality products to provide to our valuable clients the best available range of sanitation and hygiene chemicals.

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