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SP -Algae Stop, Swimming Pool Water Algicide

SP -Algae Stop, Swimming Pool Water Algicide

SP ALGAE STOP : is a highly effective quat-based algaecide. It is often the choice of pool professionals because it is non-foaming, does not deplete chlorine and contains no copper, the three main complaints with other types of algicides . SP ALGAE STOP : is a non-staining formulation that is quickly dissolved in water, stable in sunlight , i.e. will not evaporate, with negligible effect on water balance. It has a PH neutral that works in all PH ranges .

SP ALGAE STOP : disinfects swimming pool water as it is also effective against a wide spectrum of micro organisms helping to improve hygiene security against vegetative bacteria (Salmonella typhi,….), enveloped viruses (influenza viruses, hepatitis B, C, …) and algae.                   

  • Available Packing

    5 Liters

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